Dirty Rectangles Ottawa meetup photo

Dirty Rectangles

Dirty Rectangles is an arts collective made for and run by independent game developers, teachers, designers, students, and creators. Initially founded in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 2010, Rectangles is one of the original modern game community organizations, and is one of the longest-running. It expanded a chapter to Toronto in 2018. 

Rectangles hosts monthly "Show-and-Tell" meetups, on the third Wednesday of every month, focused on the developer and enthusiast community in the two cities. As of 2020, Rectangles meetups are streamed on Twitch, on the second Wednesday of every month.

Dirty Rectangles' mandates include:

  • curation and encouragement of local videogames and creators
  • direct support and wider representation of local developers
  • diversification of the industry and the concept of games
  • feedback and support for any game, whether broken, unfinished, or imagined
  • creating and spreading tenets of sustainable game dev communities
Dirty Rectangles Toronto meetup photo

Dirty Rectangles Ottawa organizers: Eric Billingsley, Jonah Davidson, Justin Dempsey, Derek Ledoux

Dirty Rectangles Toronto organizers: Kezia Adamo, Eric McQuiggan, Liam Sauve, James Edward Smith

Former Rectangles: Tony Coculuzzi, Owen Deery

Dirty Rectangles site: dirty-rectangles.com
Dirty Rectangles Twitter: twitter.com/dirtyrectangles
Dirty Rectangles Twitch stream: twitch.tv/dirtyrectangles