Gemeton Arcade at the Hand Eye Society Ball

Gemeton (and Gemeton Arcade)

Gemeton is:
A generative fortune-telling toy, a procedural story-telling tool,
a daily ritual game, it's something different for everyone.

Gemeton logo

An ongoing long-term project of mine, Gemeton features procedural art, stories, poetry, and fortunes, with the idea of telling a gentle Divine-Comedy-esque story about learning about the mysteries of the universe by wandering the Underworld.

I demo'd it live at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, printing fortunes on stickers, and in arcade cabinet form at the Hand Eye Society Ball in Toronto.

Gemeton fortune, printed on sticker paper

Development is currently stalled with the need for a rewrite in a more modern engine.

It isn't publicly available, but you can read more about it on itch: