Hangedman walking the Tokaido road

Miscellaneous: Games

Here is a list of my small projects, mostly hosted on itch, although some are currently unavailable.


Aleph was a gift in a Bitsy Secret Santa jam, with the requested theme of 'Pokemon'. Keeping the limitations of Bitsy in mind, I tried to write a very brief show-don't-tell story about a bit of history in my favourite Pokemon game and region: Gold/Silver.
Link: hangedman.itch.io/aleph


Pursuits was a project to practice tabletop manual design and refamiliarize myself with a few different tools, made for the A Game By Its Cover jam. It's effectively a game of tag played on a field of standard playing cards.
Link: hangedman.itch.io/pursuits


Sanzenri is an active idle game, inspired by Desert Bus and the works of legendary Haiku poet Matsuo Basho. To play the game, the player must press left and right to move their feet forward, and traverse the entire length of Basho's pilgrimage in real-time, with the poems appearing in each region that they were written.
Link: hangedman.itch.io/sanzenri


Sonder is a Bitsy game where my goal was to write as many different naturalistic responses to the same scene as I could, trying to imagine the thoughts and shouted words of all the different people in a club, as one passes by.
Link: hangedman.itch.io/sonder


Vision was a long-term project of mine, an attempt to create a somewhat nonlinear narrative action game, to Game Boy specifications.
Vision is not currently available, due to the death of Flash. I hope to remake it soon for actual Game Boy hardware.