Famicase cartridges with art labels


"My Famicase Exhibition" is an art event run by METEOR Shop&Gallery in Tokyo, which calls on artists to create cartridge labels for games that never existed.

Since 2005, Famicase has accepted open submissions from worldwide artists and designers, and exhibited the art as labels applied to real cartridges for the Famicom (the Japanese equivalent of the Nintendo Entertainment System).

I've been submitting works to Famicase since 2014, as a project at the intersection of a lot of my interests.

2022: カイ物語

お得な100階! でも、頭上注意。
[100 floors of great deals! But mind your head.]

2021: ゲットゴーイン!

Get Going Famicase 2021
新しい刺激的な冒険!「ゲットゴーイン!」は世界で初めての恋愛ラリーゲーム。ラリーレイドで友達のチームにも参加出来る! 道路で恋が見つかるかもしれません! 15歳以上のみ対象。
[A new provocative adventure! "GET GOING!" is the world's first "Ren'Ai Rally Game". Join a team of your friends on a Rally Raid, and maybe discover love along the road! Ages 15 and up.]

2020: RECKON

RECKON Famicase 2020
The light and the dark will war forever, because those who wield the geometry divine know no rest. 
New and innovative versus puzzle Soft, by Hangedman.


CUBE ROAD Famicase 2019
CUBE ROAD is new puzzle action from Hangedman Design! 
Over 30 cubes to run, collect, enjoy, in over 100 stages, with password save system! Cubes truly are the future of gaming!

2018: Chome

Chome Famicase 2018
[Friend, welcome home.]


DUSTERS Famicase 2017
Unlock mysteries of the universe with three friends and the mysterious Professor Cosmic in DUSTER, Action Philosophy Game. 
1-4 Players.

2016: AUST

AUST Famicase 2016


FAMILYGEMETON is a mysterious NES magic demon card game, with two modes - 
DIVINATION: Come along on a guided journey through the dark, around the eight ways. Meet the 72 soldiers, nobles, and royals of the Goetic Tarot and seek their wisdom on dreams and realities. Let yourself be guided. Or just enjoy the walk.
HIERARCHY: After walking among the many ways, sit down with a friend, and play a game of cards and kings. Strategize over the realms, and lay claim to the dark lands with the flip of a card. A fast-paced card game about second guesses.
We at Hangedman Design hope you enjoy.

2014: MAMA'S BOY

MAMA'S BOY Famicase 2014
American action blockbuster "Children of Women" opened to huge success in Japan.
DONESOFT formed adaptation for TV Family game. Animated theatre cut scenes premiered. The many's were popular for art style, and game feelings.
Please enjoy "MAMA'S BOY"!

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